A selection of heads of state holding Harvard degrees:

Alumnus/aYear degree grantedTitle
Tshering Tobgay2004Prime Minister of Bhutan
Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj2002President of Mongolia
Felipe Calderón Hinojosa2000President of Mexico
Barack Obama1991President of the United States
José María Figueres Olsen1991President of Costa Rica
Jamil Mahuad1989President of Ecuador
Eduardo Rodriguez1988President of Bolivia
Masako Owada1985Crown Princess of Japan
Ban Ki-Moon1984Secretary-General of the United Nations
Sir Donald Tsang1982Chief Executive & President, Executive Council, Hong Kong
Ma Ying-jeou1981President of Taiwan
Juan Manuel Santos1981President of Colombia
Lee Hsien Loong1980Prime Minister, Singapore
Annette Lu1978Vice President of the Republic of China
Sebastian Pinera1976President of Chile
John Roberts1976; 1979Chief Justice of the United States
George W. Bush, Jr.1975President of the United States
Benazir Bhutto1973Prime Minister of Pakistan
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf1971President of Liberia
Al Gore1969Vice President of the United States
Miguel de la Madrid1965President of Mexico
William Rehnquist1950Chief Justice of the United States
Pierre Trudeau1945Prime Minister of Canada
Andreas Papandreou1943Prime Minister of Greece
John F. Kennedy1940President of the United States
Fan S. Noli1912Prime Minister of Albania
Franklin Delano Roosevelt1904President of the United States
William Lyon Mackenzie King1898Prime Minister of Canada
Theodore Roosevelt1880President of the United States
Rutherford B. Hayes1845President of the United States
John Quincy Adams1787President of the United States
John Adams1755President of the United States