Pulitzer Prize Winners

体育投注The Pulitzer Prizes are awarded annually for outstanding contributions to American journalism, letters, and music. Since 1919, Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded numerous times to Harvard faculty members — and some professors have won multiple times.

RecipientYear prize awardedCategory
Matthew Desmond2017Nonfiction
Stephen Greenblatt2012Nonfiction
Annette Gordon-Reed*2009History
Caroline Elkins2006Nonfiction
Geraldine Brooks2006Fiction
Samantha Power2003Nonfiction
Louis Menand*2002History
Jorie Graham*1996Poetry
Bert Hölldobler1991Nonfiction
Edward O. Wilson1991Nonfiction
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich*1991History
David Donald1988Biography
Bernard Bailyn1987History
Thomas K. McCraw1985History
Bernard Rands*1984Music
Paul E. Starr1984Nonfiction
Edward O. Wilson1979Nonfiction
Walter Jackson Bate1978Biography
Alfred Chandler Jr.1978History
John E. Mack1977Biography
Donald Martino*1974Music
Robert Coles1973Nonfiction
Mario Davidosky*1971Music
Bernard Bailyn1968History
George F. Kennan1968Biography
Leon Kirchner1967Music
Bernard Malamud1967Fiction
Perry Miller***1966History
Howard Mumford Jones1965Nonfiction
Walter Jackson Bate1964Biography
David Donald*1961Biography
Walter Piston1961Music
Samuel Eliot Morison**1960Biography
Archibald MacLeish1959Drama
Archibald MacLeish1953Poetry
Oscar Handlin1952History
Walter Piston1948Music
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.1946History
Robert Frost1943Poetry
Samuel Eliot Morison1943Biography
Paul Herman Buck1938History
Ralph Barton Perry1936Biography
Robert Hillyer1934Poetry
Archibald MacLeish*1933Poetry
Frederick J. Turner1933History
Edward Channing1926History
Harvey Cushing1926Biography
Mark A. DeWolfe Howe1925Biography
Charles McIlwain1924History
Henry Adams1919Biography

* Prize awarded before appointment to the faculty.
**Prize awarded after retirement from the faculty.
体育投注***Prize awarded posthumously.